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aura981 said —
❝ Lolita fashion! :) ❞

It’s been a long time since I drew lolita (which was…5 years..ago…) 

Does this count as lolita….(I’m a loser I keep fORGETTING)

(Source: mikness)

Do you ever just

APH America falling down and APH England finally has the chance to yell “HELP A SENIOR CITIZEN HAS FALLEN!”


Y’all make fun of APH England dressing up like an old man when he’s literally the only one in the entire room that wears punk-style attire

I would tag Josh here but he keeps changing his URL sO…. kenapalah ktk ya suke je tukar URL nang mampui lah kmk tok

I forgot how to save on this app(or there isn’t any save as jpeg or png) so screeshot

Anonymous said —
❝ Are you guys okay? I heard about the crash, and wanted to make sure you're doing alright. ❞

No,I’m currently not.When I woke up to my mother sobbing and my father cursing,I wondered why. I heard muffled mentions of “MH” so I thought, “they found MH370 already?!” but then I thought that wouldn’t be the reason of my mother sobbing and my father cursing.

Waking up at 4 AM, to the news of an aeroplane that got shot down was one of the worst ways to wake up.

It’s not even 5 months, some of us may have recovered but not fully. How would you expect us to recover that quick if we were distraught by another news of an aircrash? 

My father was cursing since,my aunt,my uncle and my cousins were supposed to be in KL today,from Europe (they’re there for the summer,though,on a cross-continent trip from Berlin to all around Europe, with grandparents so I’m not sure if they’re in Frankfurt,Warsaw or Rome) and he tried to contact them but he couldn’t. And thankfully,they’re still safe.

But why? Why,why and why? Those Malaysians were planing to get home. Home. The passengers were supposed to have enjoyable holiday to Malaysia, or go through a transit before continuing to the Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand,Australia or any other countries.

Those Malaysians were supposed to return home,alive,to the joys and cheers of their families. Those passengers were supposed to enjoy their time.But now that’s impossible.

Those Malaysians will return to Malaysia,of course, but unrecognisable due to the burns of the crash, but also the the sorrows and grieve of their relatives and friends.Instead of a hug and a pat on the back,all they get would be tears of lost hope, and the sunken faces of their relatives who wished to spend time with them.Now,all they can do is hold onto their hand and walk the coffin due to the burial ground, or the incinerator.

The other passengers? They were supposed to enjoy,to be happy, to spend their time here in Malaysia,even for a brief moment.But what do they get instead? Some asshole who decided to cut their trip short.Or precisely,some asshole that made sure they wouldn’t be getting their wanted trip at all. No,their desired holiday, was turned into a nightmare.A tragedy. Instead of returning to their homeland with souvenirs, they’ll be coming back with no pulse.They’ll be coming back to the grief-stricken relatives who wanted to greet them happily but could only greet them with tearful eyes.

And so,I swear,if I see any racist remarks regarding this tragedy,I will beat the shit out of them,smack the poster so hard that they probably wouldn’t remember what their name is. Because tears were shed, cries were heard and shrieks were ignored.

Parents left childless or a child less, a sibling that lost another,a married fellow that lost their spouse, a mate that had lost their friend or long story short, people who waited for their loved one or just bade farewell to them,had lost a person they cared for.

And so,please,I beg you,to live life to the fullest, do anything you never thought you’d do (unless it’s absolutely dangerous and against the law,aka murdering someone,drinking poison ,you know), and always remember that you don’t know what’s going to happen in a second or a minute.

I apologise for the long answer and the long time I needed to type the answer.Had to stop once awhile ,for ,you know,weeping.

Greeting Cards featuring a Very-Pissed-Off Leo? I don’t know.Probably for someone you despise?